Maps of the Jim Ned Valley

The introduction of additional projects will be coming in the future as well as a geographical mapping of the Jim Ned Valley in which this Heritage Preservation’s efforts will be focused. Our focus area is all of the South half of Taylor county, east to west, county line to county line. The Northwest corner of Coleman county and the Northern parts of Runnels county.

2. Taylor County Organizational Marker.

Taylor County was created in 1858 and named for three Tennesseans, Edward, James, and George Taylor. They all gave their lives at the Alamo in 1836. Location: Highway 84, 8 miles south of Abilene. Marker set in 1964.

3. Ernie Wilson Museum.

Located in Taylor County’s first courthouse and jail. Building was completed in 1880 and is now a popular tourist spot. Location: Buffalo Gap Historic Village. Marker set in 1964.

8. Coronado’s Camp.

Spanish explorer Coronado is thought to have passed this way as he crossed the vast West Texas plains in search of the Seven Cities of Gold. Location: Intersection of FM 89 and US Highway 277. Marker set in 1968.

11. Valley Creek Station.

Stage stop for the Butterfield Overland mail, 1858-1861. Location: 1.4 miles north of Shep, turn west 1.9 miles on CR 209. Marker set in 1968. Missing.

12. Jim Ned Creek.

Probably named for the Indian Scout Jim Ned. Location: US Highway 84, 1/2 mile north of Lawn. Marker set in 1968. Missing. *near a bridge.

13. Indian Fight.

Near site of fight between Indians who had stolen horses in Mason County and soldiers on patrol. Location: Old Settlers Re grounds, Buffalo Gap. Marker set in 1968.

14. Buffalo Gap College.

Founded in 1885 by the Presbyterian Church. At one time the institution enjoyed enrollment of over 300 students. Location: Old Settlers Re grounds, Buffalo Gap. Marker set in 1968.

15. Town of Buffalo Gap.

Probably named for the pass in Callahan Divide crossed by thousands of buffalo that once inhabited the area. Location: Old Settlers Re grounds, Buffalo Gap. Marker set in 1968.

16. Jim Ned Creek.

Probably named for Indian Scout Jim Ned. Note: This is the second of two identical markers for “Jim Ned Creek” in Taylor County. Location: On Highway 83 at south city limits of Tuscola near a bridge. Marker set in 1968.

17. Buffalo Gap Cemetery.

Oldest public cemetery in Taylor County. The earliest headstones date to about 1877, but the cemetery is known to have been used in earlier times. Location: FM 89, one mile west of Buffalo Gap. Marker set in 1968.